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Sometimes, it’s a struggle to fit the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic
activity into our busy lives. Even if you find the time, you might feel too exhausted to grab a
pair of weights or go for a jog. Consider hiring a certified personal trainer in Chicago who
can help.

Your personal trainer can help you stay motivated. They’ll hold you accountable when you
want to skip leg day, too.

On the fence about hiring a personal trainer? Here are five benefits to keep in mind. By
reviewing these benefits, you can make a more informed decision about your health.
Don’t wait to give your mind and body the attention they deserve. Keep reading to discover
the benefits of hiring a personal trainer today!

1. Customized Plans

Before you hire a certified personal trainer, take a moment to consider your unique goals.
What do you hope to accomplish?
Some people hire a trainer to lose weight. Others are looking to bulk up and build muscle
mass. Regardless of your goals, your personal trainer can help.

It’s important to learn how to find a good personal trainer based on your unique goals. You
can choose someone who specializes in the area you need help with. Then, your trainer will
help by creating a customized plan based on your goals.

They’ll help you determine which exercises will help you bulk up or slim down.
Your trainer can also review your goals with you. They help you set realistic expectations for
yourself. If your goal is unrealistic, they will help you make the appropriate adjustments.

A good trainer will help you break your larger goal into smaller benchmarks. Your trainer
will ensure you remain on track to accomplish your goals. If you’re not meeting your
benchmarks, they’ll adjust your training plan.

Your trainer can help you avoid burning out, too. Setting an unrealistic goal could leave you
feeling exhausted.

You might quit before you’re halfway there!

Instead, work with an experienced personal trainer in Chicago. They’ll stick with you every
step of the way. With their help, you can build a customized plan and stick with it!

Understand Your Needs

Every person is a little different. While you and a friend might have the same goals, you
might need to consider a different approach to achieve them. For example, you might have an
injury that limits your range of motion, while your friend has no injuries.

You don’t want to injure yourself. Instead, talk with a personal trainer.
They’ll assess your current health before developing your training plan. They’ll make sure
you don’t hurt yourself.

2. Get a Push

Some people limit their workouts. Others push too hard. Your trainer can help you find the
perfect middle ground.

If you work out alone, you might want to give up. Working with a trainer will help you
remain motivated. They’ll give you the push you need to stay on track.

Your trainer will hold you accountable, too. It’s easy to skip a workout when you train alone
and not everyone has time to visit the gym each day.

However, if you have a time slot saved to work with a trainer for a set amount of time, you are more likely to show up on a
consistent basis.
If you’re struggling to accomplish your fitness goals, speak with a trainer.

They can help you get motivated. Then, they’ll ensure you stick with the plan you set.
With their help, you can get the push you need to finally accomplish those goals.

3. Proper Technique

Have you ever looked around the gym, unsure of what equipment to use (or how)? Consider
hiring a certified personal trainer. They can teach you everything you need to know.

You’ll learn how to properly use each piece of equipment. It’s important to learn how to use
each piece of equipment correctly. Otherwise, you might injure yourself in the process.

Even people with proper training make mistakes. Having a trainer at your side will ensure an
extra pair of eyes are on you. If you’re using the wrong form or technique, they’ll correct
you before you sustain an injury.

Your trainer will help you learn which exercises target which muscles, too.
Regular sessions will help you learn more about yourself as well. You can determine what
areas of your body are weaker than others. You might need to spend more time targeting
those areas.

Your trainer can make adjustments to your workout routine based on each session.

4. Schedule It Out

How much is a personal trainer, exactly? Hiring a certified personal trainer will usually cost
between $75 and $150 an hour.

Your trainer will work with you based on your schedule. You can decide whether you want to
work out in the early morning or after work. Their flexibility can help you accomplish your

Meanwhile, you can stop convincing yourself that you “don’t have time” to work out. Instead,
you can make the time. Scheduling regular sessions can help you stick to the routine.
You’ll have an easier time accomplishing your goals as a result.

5. Mental Boost

Working out with a personal trainer can boost your mental health, too.

Exercise has been shown to boost serotonin, the feel-good chemical. Serotonin can improve
your mood and mental health. It could even keep depression and other mental health issues at
bay. In fact, serotonin can also:

● Regulate happiness, mood, and anxiety
● Control your bowel movements and function
● Remove bad food or substances from the body by triggering nausea
● Help you sleep
● Help heal wounds
● Improve your bone health
● Help you feel emotionally stable, focused, and calm

Low levels of serotonin can cause emotional and behavioral problems. It’s often associated
with obsessive-compulsive disorder, suicidal behavior, anxiety, and depression. (If you’re
experiencing any of these feelings or thoughts, please seek help.)
As you work out, you’ll release endorphins like serotonin. You’ll look good and feel good as
a result!

Work Up a Sweat:

5 Benefits of Hiring a Certified Personal Trainer
Ready to work up a sweat? Keep these five benefits of hiring a certified personal trainer in
mind. By hiring a trainer, you can hold yourself accountable and achieve your fitness goals!
You can also avoid injuries, boost serotonin production, and so much more.
Ready to get in motion? We can help.
Discover our personal training services in Chicago today to get a start.

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