Competitive and recreational tennis players devote a lot of time to the court, leading to many common overuse injuries.

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Tennis involves many repetitive arm movements during both the serve and throughout the game. Tennis is a sport that requires a significant amount of agility and coordination.

During the game, the body must change directions quickly while coordinating upper and lower body movements. This requires a combination of leg, core, and upper body strength, stability, and power to execute movement efficiently. As the body fatigues, movement patterns change, which can lead to injury.

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Some common tennis injuries we treat include:

In addition, because of the common movement patterns that occur during play, tennis players are at a higher risk for muscle imbalances and asymmetries. Upon evaluation, your physical therapist will identify these imbalances which can lead to faulty movement patterns and injury.

A neuromuscular retraining program (a program that helps retrain the proper muscles to fire at the right time) will be initiated as you progress.

At In Motion Physical Therapy, your PT will work with you during treatment to decrease the pain associated with your tennis injury and restore your mobility and function to get you back on the court as quickly as possible.

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