Gait Analysis

Whether following surgery or injury, often patients have difficulty with walking. Our physical therapist will analyze video of you walking both in the clinic and on a treadmill to determine any movement dysfunctions that may be contributing to your pain.


Running Analysis

Whether gearing up for a race or returning to run following injury, it is important to understand your movement patterns. Our physical therapist utilizes a systematic process to analyze your running technique in both slow motion and real time to provide you verbal and visual feedback to reach your goals.


Scapular Analysis

Many patients with shoulder pain have scapular dyskinesis, meaning one or both shoulder blades aren’t positioned on the ribcage and/or move like they should. This is seen oftentimes in overhead athletes such as tennis players and those with rotator cuff dysfunction.

Our physical therapist will analyze video of how your shoulder blades move during different functional tasks to determine which muscles need to be strengthened to restore proper movement patterns.


Concerned about a running-related injury or interested in a running analysis to prevent future injury?
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