Are you looking for a personal trainer in Chicago? If so, you likely want a personal trainer with a training studio where you can get one on one personal training in a safe and hygienic fitness studio, one who can create a personal training program just for you.

We are pleased to be able to offer existing patients and new clients personal training sessions at our physical therapy studio here in Chicago.

Fitness Center with Private Training Studio for One-on-One Fitness Instruction

Our facilities are equipped with much of the same training equipment that you would find in many Chicago boutique gyms. Your personal training sessions will be with our founder and certified personal trainer Lauren Schnidman, who is also a doctor of physical therapy.

In Motion, PT’s studio is hygienically cleaned before and after each session. Our client’s well-being is our primary concern, so we ensure you will be able to train in a hygienic environment within our physical therapy studio.
The fitness studio is an integral part of our physical therapy practice, which means that we maintain very high standards of clinical hygiene at all times.

How to Book Your Personal Training

You can book your ace personal training sessions at our fitness studio here in Chicago, or you can book at-home personal training sessions with us, where we will put together a program tailored to your needs and train you virtually in your own home.

Virtual Personal Trainer Lincoln Park Chicago

We are also able to offer virtual personal trainer services and in-home personal training by our certified personal trainer.

If you are unable to get to our fitness studio, we can offer in-home and virtual training sessions. Our fitness motivator Lauren will have you working towards your fitness goals in no time at all; these services are offered to people who are not able to travel to our practice.

Who Can Benefit from In Motion Personal Training?

Many former patients continue to use personal training sessions after treatment. This is because they find our sessions motivational and the facilities in the fitness center clean and reliable.

We quickly found that many busy Chicagoland clients simply want a personal trainer in a private fitness studio and this is why we now offer personal fitness as a service to people in Chicago.

Our fitness studio is designed to accommodate patients that have or have not completed formal PT treatment. Many patients try to return to sport too quickly, and then get reinjured. In Motion personal fitness training is designed to bridge the gap between corrective exercise and high-level gym activity in a safe sports-oriented environment. This facilitates patients to comfortably return to their sport at the right time.

This program gives athletes and non-athletes alike a unique opportunity to continue a fitness and recovery program from a certified motivational personal trainer. We have extensive experience in the strength and conditioning field, specializing in tennis injury rehabilitation.

This service offers the best of both worlds; personal training from a PT and motivational trainer rolled into one. We provide a level of personal training and fitness education that you won’t find in any traditional fitness facility.

How Does In Motion Sports Physical Therapy Personal Training Work?

Whether it is sports injury rehabilitation, weight loss personal training, or simply motivational fitness training, we provide a highly skilled and experienced personal training experience tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Your In Motion Personal Training experience begins with a comprehensive fitness evaluation consisting of a thorough medical history, current level of fitness, discussion of fitness goals, and strategies on how to achieve these goals.

In each subsequent session, the trainer will provide expert knowledge of physical anatomy and physiology as it relates to weight loss, strength, and general conditioning, with a focus on:

  • Total body functional movements
  • Core strengthening
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Education regarding proper lifestyle habits
  • Proper lifting mechanics
  • You may be wondering, what will my workouts look like?
  • The nature of your workout depends 100% on you, what your goals are, and what sports/activities you enjoy.
  • Your PT will put together truly customized workouts and will track your progress from session to session.

In many cases, your PT will also give you an exercise plan to practice in your own time outside of your personal training sessions.

Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve sustained wellness and experience an elevated approach to personal training by training with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

We work with people of all ages and fitness levels, helping them to achieve their health goals. We help competitive athletes achieve their goals and gain a deep understanding of how to safely and effectively maintain peak performance levels.

We also work with individuals simply looking to improve their health through fitness and weight loss, healthy nutrition habits, and healthy fitness habits. Our Physical Therapist has developed personalized programs with each individual to help them accomplish their goals in the short term and sustain their goals in the long term.